Monday, March 26, 2012

What Would Happen?

Every woman on this Earth has the same More than half of the woman on this Earth hate how they look. We always put ourselves down saying, "I'm ugly." But did you ever think of inner beauty too? God created you by His own hands to create you PERFECT. Each  and every single woman out there is BEAUTIFUL inside & out. One night at my youth groups lock in, every girl in our group has a issue on how we look. We were asked to raise our hands to see who liked how they look, who raised their hands? no one. The next day, we were challenged to wear no make-up and to not fix our hair. Just look how we woke up. Some girls had a real issue with that but you know what everyone that was there that day thought all of us were beautiful just how we are, without any make-up. Yes, all of us wanted to hide our faces so no one could see us but later in the day we finally got the courage to say "WE ARE BEAUTIFUL!" God created each one of us beautiful, we just don't have outside beauty, inner beauty too! So I dare you to look in the mirror each morning right when you wake up and say "I AM BEAUTIFUL!" & see what a difference it can make!

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